Thursday, June 9, 2011

Double Take Thursday

I think i jinxed myself with yesterday's post!! Today is COLD and overcast-hahahah!

Did you all think we forgot about Double Take Thursday??? No Way! Just took a little bitty break!

So the last Double Take Thursday's prompt was TOUCH....any of  you tackle it? I think there's so many ways to interpret this word....i first thought of capturing something with a lot of texture- showing all the nooks and cranny's and details of the object. Then, while on the computer i glanced over at one of my very few and very favorite things on my desk, a ceramic bird my son sculpted and painted. It was almost the opposite of what i had envisioned with its shiny smoothness....i adore it and I ADORE that he made it with his hands...his touch...

In Lauren's words...."Yes, I went obvious with the theme, but when I saw this photo I took on the last day of school, I just couldn't resist. This is my son's classic photo stall.... "Wait, wait, wait....I have something in my eye...." My non-compliant little model has figured out a way to avoid my constant snap-snap-snap!"

our Double Take....

Next weeks word.....TASTE!

And as us up with your photo's and receive a coupon for TTP goodies!!!

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