Thursday, May 26, 2011

Journal Jar

shhhhhh....don't tell Lauren I'm late with The Journal Jar! I think my mind has seriously gone to mush! Anyone know of a cure?

So better late than never....... This weeks prompt was "I can not leave home without..."

Do you have that something that you just can't leave home without? You know that thing that you feel lost or naked without??? I think we all is my iphone...sad right?!

Here are some pages documenting what THEY never leave home without....

by Chantal

by Lauren

by Allison

I love how prompts get you out of your normal scrapping theme routine and scrapping things you might never have....I think our stories are so important to document even the smallest of details.....

Thanks girl for playing along this week! 

Please share and post a link if you play with this week's prompt too! We LOVE stories!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Softies #1 Tutorial

Hi Everyone!

I'm super excited to post my first Tattered Pear Blog post! It's Friday I hope you all have some scrapping time set aside this weekend! I'm going to talk to you today about a few different ways to use Softies #1.
There are so many ways to use these, the possibilities are just endless! Here's a page I did with them

I have pockets on pockets here, literally. The clear page overlay is from Valorie and Lauren as well new today at The Lily Pad. I wanted to create a peek a boo page for my 2 year old because right now that is his favorite thing in the world to do!

My layout here is 12x12 and the first thing I did was use a plain white paper as a base. I then added the red, brown and patterned papers and journaled. Once I had that done I decided where I wanted my photos and positioned them. Now the fun stuff-the pockets! I chose 3 pockets from the set and arranged them to my liking. I placed one (in the upper left hand corner) over my photo and added a sticker in the right hand corner (where it says "giggle"). The second and third pockets I filled with the awesome fabric that's included with them (ask Val how much I love her fabric..I am always nagging her to make more) and placed a button over the stitching on the large one in the bottom right hand corner. These pockets are actually on TOP of my page protector, so if you really wanted to get creative and make it more of a hybrid project you could use raised glue dots  on them once your printed the base and store things in there. I think that's what I'm going to do with this page!

These are so fun to play with..I can't wait to make another page with them! Here are a few helpful hints...

 Play with layers! You can add your fabrics (or several) underneath the pockets just be sure they are on a layer below the pocket you are working with. You can also tuck photos into the pocket by simply erasing the bottom part of the photo so it appears to be sticking out of the top. You can also add buttons, additional stitching, labels, name it! We would love to see what you create!

Since it's Friday and I love Friday's let's have some fun! If you create a layout with these and post back here with a link to them we will enter everyone who participates into a drawing on Tuesday to win a GC to TLP store!

If you have any questions, please post away in the comment section and we will check back throughout the weekend to answer them.

Have fun and Happy Scrapping!


New: Softies no.1

New at The-Lilypad....

These fun felty pockets are OOODLES of fun! You can stick ANYTHING in them, photos, embellies, journaling, ....well, I mean probably not meatloaf or ice cream.... that's just be silliness..... :P

Not sure how to make your items disappear into the pockets? Be sure to pop back in to the blog, we'll be posting a tutorial, that will help you get the hang of it 1-2-3!

by Chantal            by Lauren

by Amanda


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Double Take Thursday


Today we're talking about FOCUS.  I have to be honest, the rebel in me likes to take the opposite approach, of course, and embrace the blur! So often we snap away all day long, come home, upload and then find so many of our photo's are out of focus! Before you THROW THEM AWAY, take a closer look at them! Sometimes, you'll find a GEM. I'm talking something beautiful and unexpected....This happens quite a lot to me and i've just comes to terms and now LOVE when it happens! I even strive for it!

Here's my photo i took of my daughter riding her horse and I just LOVE it! It's completely blurred but has such a painterly feel to it- again, completely unexpected but makes me swoon....

Lauren and I think alike so often...EMBRACE THE BLUR! She captured her boys, one in focus and one, NOT. Beautiful right? So much more visually interesting.....swoon....

Ok, so repeat after me....EMBRACE THE BLUR...let it be your new'll be happier for it!

Next weeks word is TOUCH

Have a fabulous weekend everyone- be on the look out for something NEW coming out tomorrow at The Lily Pad!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Journal Jar

Happy Wednesday everyone!

We have a new and fun series starting today inspired by our Journaling Jumpers Hybrid Project! It's called, you guessed it, The Journal Jar

The Journaling Jumpers Hybrid Project is a quick and easy way to encompass a bunch of inspiring and journal motivating prompts in a jar that looks super cute on your desk. When you need or want an idea to feed a page, you just go to the jar and pull out a prompt! It's fabulous! No more being stumped for ideas to increase your journaling! You can get and see Journaling Jumpers here.

I thought it would be fun to showcase a few LO's each Wednesday using one of the prompts from the kit!

Sooooo.........this weeks prompt is Scrap Your Home.  Easy right! We all interpreted the prompt differently which is just FABULOUS!!! Love that!

So here's our takes on Scrap Your Home!

 by Courtney

by Allison

by me (val)

Are you inspired? I hope so!  Years from now i think it's going to be so fun and maybe even funny looking at the styles and/or our thoughts of our homes!

Feel free to play along! We'd LOVE to see your pages too!

See ya tomorrow with Double Take Thursday!

Monday, May 16, 2011

music monday | bruno mars

this is one of the songs constantly stuck in my head... it's catchy and sweet and well, i just love it!

here is bruno mars with just the way you are... (also check out Who Is? for more of his lovely melodies)



Thursday, May 12, 2011

Double Take Thursday

It's that time again!!! Time to share our takes on the word of the week......SHINE

So again, i thought this one wouldn't be too hard... i love taking photo's INTO the sun- I feel like a rebel. I think it's funny how growing up, you were taught to NOT take photo's into the sun since that would black out everyone in front.....oh boy did they have that wrong! I get the BEST shots doing so! You DO have to play with your manual settings though! The KEY here is PLAY! When that sun comes in and does the yummy washy stuff, i just swoon....oh ya baby! So how'd you all do?

Here's our take.....Lauren and her gorgeous Jessica and me and my mutt....go figure haha!

Next weeks word is: with the us up...get a coupon....WOOT!

Oh and we're excited to let you know, ALL our TTP products will be available at The Lily Pad TOMORROW!!! Yay!

Have a beautiful SHINY day! SEE ya next week with another DOUBLE TAKE!

Monday, May 9, 2011

music monday | lisa mitchell

Hellooooo Monday!

And welcome back to another edition of  'Music Monday'!

I adore quirky and offbeat artists.... and when i was turned onto Lisa Mitchell, it was love at first note.

Picking just one song to share is nearly impossible, since she has oodles of catchy sweet tunes.... and not to mention quirky and fun videos!

Be sure to also check out:
* Lisa's cover of the dire straits song, Romeo & Juliet (i've been known to listen to this on a loop for hours on end)
* Coin Laundry (so much fun!)
* This older (circa 2008) rendition of neopolitan dreams (how cute are they?!) - the regular video is SOOO cool (think polaroids clothespinned her sweater!), but for some reason is no longer viewable on youtube.


Friday, May 6, 2011

New Products!

Happy NSD weekend!!!!

We are happy to announce that we are Guests this month at The-Lilypad!!! Right now we have 2 new goodies to coordinate with their Build Your Own Collab that rolled out this morning AND we'll have a new kit debuting there TOMORROW!

Fauxware is a play off of "hardware"... these are playful, full of color and just plain fun! (and low calorie too!)

The cookie KNOWS..... and these ones not only tell you what lies ahead in your future, but are kinda smart booty's as well! :P

Here's some inspiration:

by courtney                                    by amanda

by crystal                                            by krista p

by heather                                            by chantal
by jenn

THANK YOU to all who applied to our very first Creative Team call! We were so impressed with the talent that came through our inbox! We originally planned on only taking on FIVE scrappers, but ended up not being able to narrow it down further than 14!

Without further adieu....

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Double Take Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone!!! Gettin excited for iNSD this weekend???? I know we are!!! We have some yummy stuff coming and a new guest homey this month!

So this week, we explored MOVE! I found this word a bit easier this week, how about you? I actually didn't even have to think about it much! A few weeks ago, we set the trampoline back up in the backyard and it's like a whole new fun toy to play with again! AND, when you've got a big trampoline, you've got LOTS of movement! I had so much fun jumping, of course, but taking my camera with me and capturing my kids in the air!

Lauren went a little slower in her movement.... inspired by watching her daughter in a soft flowy dress with her hair blowing in the breeze.....a beautiful peaceful moment that would warm any mama's heart.

Here's our takes this week!

We're so excited some of you have begun to play with us!!! It's fun right?! We have coupons for you, so be on the lookout in your inboxes!

Next week's word is SHINE

For those of you who may not know, we're giving out coupons to our digi goodies for EVERYONE who plays with us! So come on, you've got nothing to loose, and you can take your photography to another level! Make sure your email is included in your post/link so we can can reach you!

See ya tomorrow!

Monday, May 2, 2011

music monday | kate nash

I love, love, LOVE this Kate Nash song called Merry Happy. You just can NOT listen to this song and feel mopey at the same time... it's impossible!

This is NOT the official video, nor is the lady in the video Kate Nash, but this video cover makes me giggle, plus the sound quality is perfecto. :)

OH, and please do me a favor and speak in her accent ALL day today... I promise to do the same! :P


PS. Thank you for all your amazing applications to our CT call! We are now officially starting to sort through them and will hopefully get that all sorted out this week and have decisions posted around the 6th-ish. :)