Friday, April 29, 2011

music monday... er friday | frou frou

I somehow managed to forget to post music monday on... well.... Monday... so here we go, a few days late...

The lead singer, Imogen Heap, used to be part of this duo, but is now solo. Be sure to check out her song Speeding Cars as well, it's fab and that link is sans the weird video :P


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Double Take Thursday

Can you believe it's already Thursday! It just floors me where time goes....

So this week's word was WHISPER! How'd you all do? Did it get you thinking? I hope so! It sure made me think of different ways I could relay something visual to something almost without sound....i kept thinking of a sleeping baby, haha! I think i have some unfinished business there! I ended up going in a different direction when it started to rain ever so softly on Easter....I have a fascination with reflective surfaces, and a drop of water is just perfection. I thought the sound of a drop of water was as soft as a whisper....

This week, Lauren's and my take is so similar in color and texture. She photographed a kite softly blowing in the wind....together, they feel so serene, quiet and peaceful...

Next week's word is MOVE

Have fun and don't forget to link us up!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Creative Team Call

The Tattered Pear is seeking a few scrap artists who can not only rock out amazing layouts with our designs, but who will also be active in our team.... we have lots of fabulous things planned in VERY near future!

- create 1 lo per new product you download
- active participation on our team board & planning
- promote/enable our products
- post layouts to 3 galleries (minimum)

Sound doable?

Then, send the following:
- your name/username
- a link to your most complete gallery
- your current CT/design commitments
- a short bio

with "CT Call" in the subject line.

Deadline: May 1, 2011

Decisions will be announced on the blog after May 6th.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Friday, April 22, 2011

New Products!

New Products in our guest store today!

Journaling Jumpers and Photo Kisses No.3!

We're uber excited about our new Journaling Jumpers Jar project! It was so much fun to make and looks fabulous on our desks, completely ready to inspire our stories! It includes 60 prompts, in 2 different styles, to get you started on telling all those much needed stories! Also included are 2 styles of tags to add to your jar and a back sheet to make em all pretty in the back!

All you need is a printer and trimmer, oh and a jar! That jelly jar now has a fabulous re-purpose!

and then here's our new photo kisses no.3....cant' get enough of these! I think all our photo's need to be kissed!

Have a happy Easter weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Double Take Thursday

It's hard to believe we're on our third week already!!! WOW! Talk about time flying!

This weeks word was SMITTEN which is defined as very much in love, enamored, infatuated, taken with - and yes i looked it up to make sure it was a word! hahaha!

Here's our take...

Lauren chose to photograph her much loved and bountiful notebooks she takes everywhere in case inspiration strikes! I was torn but came to photographing my bowl of Meyer lemons that my mother-in-law sent me last week. I can't tell you how amazing they are and the fact that she grew them and thought of me to give them to....well make me smitten!

Next weeks word is WHISPER... oh yaaaaa

Don't forget,  everyone who plays receives a coupon for TTP goodies!

Monday, April 18, 2011

music monday | augustana

This week's music pick is Sweet and Low by Augustana. This is one of those songs I think you'll fall in love with or at least get stuck in your head for a good day or so! :) I fell in love with this band back when I first heard their song Boston, another one that can quickly get caught in your head. I don't think you'll mind having that beautiful voice sticking around with you though. :)

Here's the official video.... I am always drawn in by lead singer, Dan Layus's intense look of anguish during the video... I love when artists can really get across the mood of a song.

Yadda, yadda.... enjoy......


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Double Take Thursday

So.....this weeks word was LESS!

For those of you who missed the begining of our new photo challenge series click here- it'll give ya the scoop of our new challenge and a way to win coupons for ttp goodies!!!

As I was saying, the word for this weeks challenge was LESS! What exactly does that mean to you? So many ways to interpret it! I immediately thought of my cleaning out the closet this past weekend! I couldn't take it anymore! So many things we just don't wear anymore and they're just taking up space! I didn't photograph it, though....thought about it.... but then it hit me....SUGAR! Yes! Something i LOVE but really need to have less of on a daily ongoing battle...

Lauren photographed a little bitty flower her daughter brought her simple, so sweet! Really shows how less is more....

Next week's word is SMITTEN! Interpret it how you wish! You've got a week! Link us up!

Don't forget, EVERYONE who plays, receives a coupon!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pieces of You miniBOOK

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! Thing 2 here, aka, Val, with a little tutorial of my Pieces of You miniBOOK that i made with our new Clear Printies!!!

Have you all seen these??? They're way cool, if i do say myself, because of all the fun possibilities they hold! What they are, are transparent backgrounds, designed to be printed on transparencies, acetate, velum....anything CLEAR-ish!!! Although, i suppose you shouldn't limit yourself there either! After printing, it's endless what you can do with them! Albums, covers, overlays, photomats, and the list goes on and on....

Today, i wanted to show you a miniBOOK/album made completely from the printies!

The Printies come in 12x12 for all those with awesome cool printers, but me? i have a boring normal one, so i printed 3 of the printies 8x8 on 8.5x 11 transparencies. I then cut them out to their 8x8 size and folded them in half vertically....

i then "spooned" them, haha, together....

next i went to my sewing machine and sewed them together right through the middle! and YES, it works!

at this point, i have a miniBOOK ready to be filled!!! The biggest thing to remember or take in consideration using see-though pages, is to do the same, but mirrored design on both the front and back of each page! KWIM? So, say i have 2x2 photo on one side in the upper right hand corner...when you flip it, you see the back side - so, to fix that, you just use the same photo size as that page and place it right on top of the other! do this with anything you dont want to see the "backside"'s easy peasy! and cuts the design time in half-haha!

As for adhesive, i just used doubled sided tape and then here and there, glue dots!

For the rest of embellishing, i used scraps of ribbon, staples, lace, buttons and butterflies i printed out from my stash!

Here's a look at the album complete..

so.... you ready to give it a try??!! We'd love to hear and see your ideas too!!! link us up!!! you just MAY be happy you did...just sayin.

thing 2

Monday, April 4, 2011

music monday | matt nathanson

here's another one of my favorite voices... matt nathanson... i adore pretty much anything he sings... his voice is so soothing and well... he's a cutie to boot!

the video below isn't really a "video" per se, but I hope you enjoy the song, none the less....

thing 1

Sunday, April 3, 2011

big and mean

okay, okay, so apparently my silly little April Fool's prank didn't go over so well....

we had NO intentions of making you overly confused or upset!

but.... come on, how could i possibly have resisted... it was APRIL FOOL's DAY after all!

forgive me?


if you purchased our products over the weekend, the cat's already out of the proverbial bag on who we REALLY are, but in case you didn't have time to stop by and shop, you needn't be held in suspense any longer!

The Tattered Pear is brought to you by.... Lauren Reid & Valorie Wibbens!

We've teamed up to bring you a whole new line of goodies and we hope you'll enjoy the doubley delicious goodies!

Congrats to those of you who figured us out so quickly... you have a good eye! And sorry to those of you who were hoping we were someone else! :P

Again, please accept my apology for Friday's confusion......


don't be surprised if we do it again! :P


Friday, April 1, 2011

ttp revealed!

Again, we apologize for the dramatic pause in unveiling our new products to you! We promise to not be so dramatic here on out!

To begin our journey we are guesting at a new digi store called Digital Dandelions run by our sweet friend Leora Sanford. Everything is 25% off, PLUS when you spend $10 in the store, you earn a sweet store collab called Take Flight!

Someone asked if we'll be selling elsewhere. Yes, we've been working on setting up our own shop as well. Once we have a few quirks worked out, we'll let you know! Shouldn't be much longer... although we had hoped to be able to wooo you with a store FULL of delicious goodies, but alas, we might need you to love us for what we have done so far. :)

Know that we have SO many amazing ideas up our sleeves. We are so excited to bring some fun creative inspiration to you all and just enjoy all these scrappy moments with you. We hope you will enjoy the ride with us.

Here's what we have launching at Digital Dandelions today...

these are the printies printed and ready to be used!

Now onto the great mystery of who we are.....

Boy, you guys are quite a bunch of sleuths! Your guesses and comments had us in stitches and kinda made us worried a teeeeny little bit that you might be let down once you find out who we really are. hee hee But hopefully, you'll love us even if we aren't who you were wishing for!

Drum roll please......

We are none other than the creative duo of........

ARE YOU SURPRISED? :D Well, now that you know, you don't have to waste any more time wondering!

We'll be back soon with more blog goodness and fun, so be sure to pop our blog addy in your google reader or what not, so you don't miss out on what's coming up!

OMG, I almost forgot to announce the winner from the guess who we are post!!! We've entered the number of posts into the random generator at and the winner is....

which was posted by... BRYNNMARIE!

Congrats, please email us at thetatteredpearATgmailDOTcom

Thank you for your continued support and energy! 

Love ya guys!