Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Journal Jar

Where oh where does time go.....It's another Wednesday, and now it is JUNE! JUNE! Really! I feel like if i'm not careful summer is just gonna pass me by...ok not really cuz it's flipping HOT and a big reminder! hahaha!

So because it's Wednesday, it's time for the Journal Jar! Our CT's knocked out some fun ones for you to oogle over today!

This weeks prompt was "If I were a fairytale princess, I'd be...." sound hard? easy? fun??? I think the most interesting part of what princess you'd be is the WHY....what is it about her that you like or can relate to or want for yourself?

Take a look at the different takes the girls had....

by Krista

by Chantal

by Amanda

Aren't they just so fun! OK, off you go, what princess would you be?! Why?! Scrap it!

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  1. Here's my take: