Thursday, April 14, 2011

Double Take Thursday

So.....this weeks word was LESS!

For those of you who missed the begining of our new photo challenge series click here- it'll give ya the scoop of our new challenge and a way to win coupons for ttp goodies!!!

As I was saying, the word for this weeks challenge was LESS! What exactly does that mean to you? So many ways to interpret it! I immediately thought of my cleaning out the closet this past weekend! I couldn't take it anymore! So many things we just don't wear anymore and they're just taking up space! I didn't photograph it, though....thought about it.... but then it hit me....SUGAR! Yes! Something i LOVE but really need to have less of on a daily ongoing battle...

Lauren photographed a little bitty flower her daughter brought her simple, so sweet! Really shows how less is more....

Next week's word is SMITTEN! Interpret it how you wish! You've got a week! Link us up!

Don't forget, EVERYONE who plays, receives a coupon!

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