Friday, April 22, 2011

New Products!

New Products in our guest store today!

Journaling Jumpers and Photo Kisses No.3!

We're uber excited about our new Journaling Jumpers Jar project! It was so much fun to make and looks fabulous on our desks, completely ready to inspire our stories! It includes 60 prompts, in 2 different styles, to get you started on telling all those much needed stories! Also included are 2 styles of tags to add to your jar and a back sheet to make em all pretty in the back!

All you need is a printer and trimmer, oh and a jar! That jelly jar now has a fabulous re-purpose!

and then here's our new photo kisses no.3....cant' get enough of these! I think all our photo's need to be kissed!

Have a happy Easter weekend everyone!!!

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  1. My new favorite thing is to stalk this blog to see what goodness is coming next. Yup, very awesome stuff ladies!