Friday, April 1, 2011

ttp revealed!

Again, we apologize for the dramatic pause in unveiling our new products to you! We promise to not be so dramatic here on out!

To begin our journey we are guesting at a new digi store called Digital Dandelions run by our sweet friend Leora Sanford. Everything is 25% off, PLUS when you spend $10 in the store, you earn a sweet store collab called Take Flight!

Someone asked if we'll be selling elsewhere. Yes, we've been working on setting up our own shop as well. Once we have a few quirks worked out, we'll let you know! Shouldn't be much longer... although we had hoped to be able to wooo you with a store FULL of delicious goodies, but alas, we might need you to love us for what we have done so far. :)

Know that we have SO many amazing ideas up our sleeves. We are so excited to bring some fun creative inspiration to you all and just enjoy all these scrappy moments with you. We hope you will enjoy the ride with us.

Here's what we have launching at Digital Dandelions today...

these are the printies printed and ready to be used!

Now onto the great mystery of who we are.....

Boy, you guys are quite a bunch of sleuths! Your guesses and comments had us in stitches and kinda made us worried a teeeeny little bit that you might be let down once you find out who we really are. hee hee But hopefully, you'll love us even if we aren't who you were wishing for!

Drum roll please......

We are none other than the creative duo of........

ARE YOU SURPRISED? :D Well, now that you know, you don't have to waste any more time wondering!

We'll be back soon with more blog goodness and fun, so be sure to pop our blog addy in your google reader or what not, so you don't miss out on what's coming up!

OMG, I almost forgot to announce the winner from the guess who we are post!!! We've entered the number of posts into the random generator at and the winner is....

which was posted by... BRYNNMARIE!

Congrats, please email us at thetatteredpearATgmailDOTcom

Thank you for your continued support and energy! 

Love ya guys!


  1. Are you announcing it for real?? Because all I'm seeing is a big censored block of gray and black! But your products are fab and I am excited about your debut!

  2. The suspense is killing me here. I only see gray and black blocks.......

  3. ROFL! April Fools! Y'all are a HOOT and sure to be a HIT too!

    Okay, hopefully I will have a chance to catch up with you when you TRULY reveal yourselves ... or, is this going to play out like the unknown comic from back in the day? Tee, hee, hee ...

    Crackin' up over here! LOL!

    CONGRATS Brynnmarie and LOVE the new product ladies ... or lady and gentleman ... or ... :D

  4. yay Linda figured it out!!! :D

    hee hee!!!!!!!!

    <3 <3 <3

  5. So you're talented but mean, eh? Good to know. ; )