Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pieces of You miniBOOK

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! Thing 2 here, aka, Val, with a little tutorial of my Pieces of You miniBOOK that i made with our new Clear Printies!!!

Have you all seen these??? They're way cool, if i do say myself, because of all the fun possibilities they hold! What they are, are transparent backgrounds, designed to be printed on transparencies, acetate, velum....anything CLEAR-ish!!! Although, i suppose you shouldn't limit yourself there either! After printing, it's endless what you can do with them! Albums, covers, overlays, photomats, and the list goes on and on....

Today, i wanted to show you a miniBOOK/album made completely from the printies!

The Printies come in 12x12 for all those with awesome cool printers, but me? i have a boring normal one, so i printed 3 of the printies 8x8 on 8.5x 11 transparencies. I then cut them out to their 8x8 size and folded them in half vertically....

i then "spooned" them, haha, together....

next i went to my sewing machine and sewed them together right through the middle! and YES, it works!

at this point, i have a miniBOOK ready to be filled!!! The biggest thing to remember or take in consideration using see-though pages, is to do the same, but mirrored design on both the front and back of each page! KWIM? So, say i have 2x2 photo on one side in the upper right hand corner...when you flip it, you see the back side - so, to fix that, you just use the same photo size as that page and place it right on top of the other! do this with anything you dont want to see the "backside" of....it's easy peasy! and cuts the design time in half-haha!

As for adhesive, i just used doubled sided tape and then here and there, glue dots!

For the rest of embellishing, i used scraps of ribbon, staples, lace, buttons and butterflies i printed out from my stash!

Here's a look at the album complete..

so.... you ready to give it a try??!! We'd love to hear and see your ideas too!!! link us up!!! you just MAY be happy you did...just sayin.

thing 2