Thursday, April 28, 2011

Double Take Thursday

Can you believe it's already Thursday! It just floors me where time goes....

So this week's word was WHISPER! How'd you all do? Did it get you thinking? I hope so! It sure made me think of different ways I could relay something visual to something almost without sound....i kept thinking of a sleeping baby, haha! I think i have some unfinished business there! I ended up going in a different direction when it started to rain ever so softly on Easter....I have a fascination with reflective surfaces, and a drop of water is just perfection. I thought the sound of a drop of water was as soft as a whisper....

This week, Lauren's and my take is so similar in color and texture. She photographed a kite softly blowing in the wind....together, they feel so serene, quiet and peaceful...

Next week's word is MOVE

Have fun and don't forget to link us up!


  1. I chose a bubble... it's only around for a whisper of a moment before 'pop' it's gone!

  2. Here is my take:
    thanks for a challenge
    Agnieszka aka asali

  3. Here's mine: