Sunday, April 3, 2011

big and mean

okay, okay, so apparently my silly little April Fool's prank didn't go over so well....

we had NO intentions of making you overly confused or upset!

but.... come on, how could i possibly have resisted... it was APRIL FOOL's DAY after all!

forgive me?


if you purchased our products over the weekend, the cat's already out of the proverbial bag on who we REALLY are, but in case you didn't have time to stop by and shop, you needn't be held in suspense any longer!

The Tattered Pear is brought to you by.... Lauren Reid & Valorie Wibbens!

We've teamed up to bring you a whole new line of goodies and we hope you'll enjoy the doubley delicious goodies!

Congrats to those of you who figured us out so quickly... you have a good eye! And sorry to those of you who were hoping we were someone else! :P

Again, please accept my apology for Friday's confusion......


don't be surprised if we do it again! :P



  1. LOL Don't apologize!! It was funny. And Carly is the queen of Designer spotting. Can't wait to see all the gorgeousness that springs from your collective minds!


  2. Oh man, I missed the joke, I was in the hospital dealing with my own joke! :P Love you two so much and together...blow my mind! :)

  3. You both are so fab! LOVE seeing you guys paired up like this! (oh, and I thought your joke was pretty funny)

  4. ahhh!!! what a great team!!! love you both and will get everything you create!!! my idols!!! yay!!

  5. Ah man, I don't know if my hard drive can take it!