Thursday, April 21, 2011

Double Take Thursday

It's hard to believe we're on our third week already!!! WOW! Talk about time flying!

This weeks word was SMITTEN which is defined as very much in love, enamored, infatuated, taken with - and yes i looked it up to make sure it was a word! hahaha!

Here's our take...

Lauren chose to photograph her much loved and bountiful notebooks she takes everywhere in case inspiration strikes! I was torn but came to photographing my bowl of Meyer lemons that my mother-in-law sent me last week. I can't tell you how amazing they are and the fact that she grew them and thought of me to give them to....well make me smitten!

Next weeks word is WHISPER... oh yaaaaa

Don't forget,  everyone who plays receives a coupon for TTP goodies!


  1. I just wanted to tell you two gals that I think this is an awesome challenge and to keep it up b/c I really really get inspired by it! I really want to play along this week. I just need to stop being so picky about what I want to photograph so that I actually take a photograph to share :) lol.

  2. Ok, here is mine. Maybe not the most creative as it involves a person....but I tried :) and you really had me thinking btw! I love our trees that line up our community so on Easter I had Chloe pose with them. So smitten = our community trees blooming (and of course that cute little lady with them).