Thursday, May 5, 2011

Double Take Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone!!! Gettin excited for iNSD this weekend???? I know we are!!! We have some yummy stuff coming and a new guest homey this month!

So this week, we explored MOVE! I found this word a bit easier this week, how about you? I actually didn't even have to think about it much! A few weeks ago, we set the trampoline back up in the backyard and it's like a whole new fun toy to play with again! AND, when you've got a big trampoline, you've got LOTS of movement! I had so much fun jumping, of course, but taking my camera with me and capturing my kids in the air!

Lauren went a little slower in her movement.... inspired by watching her daughter in a soft flowy dress with her hair blowing in the breeze.....a beautiful peaceful moment that would warm any mama's heart.

Here's our takes this week!

We're so excited some of you have begun to play with us!!! It's fun right?! We have coupons for you, so be on the lookout in your inboxes!

Next week's word is SHINE

For those of you who may not know, we're giving out coupons to our digi goodies for EVERYONE who plays with us! So come on, you've got nothing to loose, and you can take your photography to another level! Make sure your email is included in your post/link so we can can reach you!

See ya tomorrow!


  1. I'm an utter rubbish photo-taker :) I really want to improve this so I'm gonna play along!!!
    Here's mine..

  2. on the run!