Thursday, May 19, 2011

Double Take Thursday


Today we're talking about FOCUS.  I have to be honest, the rebel in me likes to take the opposite approach, of course, and embrace the blur! So often we snap away all day long, come home, upload and then find so many of our photo's are out of focus! Before you THROW THEM AWAY, take a closer look at them! Sometimes, you'll find a GEM. I'm talking something beautiful and unexpected....This happens quite a lot to me and i've just comes to terms and now LOVE when it happens! I even strive for it!

Here's my photo i took of my daughter riding her horse and I just LOVE it! It's completely blurred but has such a painterly feel to it- again, completely unexpected but makes me swoon....

Lauren and I think alike so often...EMBRACE THE BLUR! She captured her boys, one in focus and one, NOT. Beautiful right? So much more visually interesting.....swoon....

Ok, so repeat after me....EMBRACE THE BLUR...let it be your new'll be happier for it!

Next weeks word is TOUCH

Have a fabulous weekend everyone- be on the look out for something NEW coming out tomorrow at The Lily Pad!

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