Monday, May 2, 2011

music monday | kate nash

I love, love, LOVE this Kate Nash song called Merry Happy. You just can NOT listen to this song and feel mopey at the same time... it's impossible!

This is NOT the official video, nor is the lady in the video Kate Nash, but this video cover makes me giggle, plus the sound quality is perfecto. :)

OH, and please do me a favor and speak in her accent ALL day today... I promise to do the same! :P


PS. Thank you for all your amazing applications to our CT call! We are now officially starting to sort through them and will hopefully get that all sorted out this week and have decisions posted around the 6th-ish. :)


  1. I so need this on my ipod! lol what a happy song!

  2. i so luv'd it, had to play it twice, then shared it with my BFF... thanks, I needed that today :)
    deborah xoxo