Monday, May 9, 2011

music monday | lisa mitchell

Hellooooo Monday!

And welcome back to another edition of  'Music Monday'!

I adore quirky and offbeat artists.... and when i was turned onto Lisa Mitchell, it was love at first note.

Picking just one song to share is nearly impossible, since she has oodles of catchy sweet tunes.... and not to mention quirky and fun videos!

Be sure to also check out:
* Lisa's cover of the dire straits song, Romeo & Juliet (i've been known to listen to this on a loop for hours on end)
* Coin Laundry (so much fun!)
* This older (circa 2008) rendition of neopolitan dreams (how cute are they?!) - the regular video is SOOO cool (think polaroids clothespinned her sweater!), but for some reason is no longer viewable on youtube.


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