Thursday, May 12, 2011

Double Take Thursday

It's that time again!!! Time to share our takes on the word of the week......SHINE

So again, i thought this one wouldn't be too hard... i love taking photo's INTO the sun- I feel like a rebel. I think it's funny how growing up, you were taught to NOT take photo's into the sun since that would black out everyone in front.....oh boy did they have that wrong! I get the BEST shots doing so! You DO have to play with your manual settings though! The KEY here is PLAY! When that sun comes in and does the yummy washy stuff, i just swoon....oh ya baby! So how'd you all do?

Here's our take.....Lauren and her gorgeous Jessica and me and my mutt....go figure haha!

Next weeks word is: with the us up...get a coupon....WOOT!

Oh and we're excited to let you know, ALL our TTP products will be available at The Lily Pad TOMORROW!!! Yay!

Have a beautiful SHINY day! SEE ya next week with another DOUBLE TAKE!

1 comment:

  1. soaking up the sunshine!

    andrea (estir_bune)