Thursday, May 26, 2011

Journal Jar

shhhhhh....don't tell Lauren I'm late with The Journal Jar! I think my mind has seriously gone to mush! Anyone know of a cure?

So better late than never....... This weeks prompt was "I can not leave home without..."

Do you have that something that you just can't leave home without? You know that thing that you feel lost or naked without??? I think we all is my iphone...sad right?!

Here are some pages documenting what THEY never leave home without....

by Chantal

by Lauren

by Allison

I love how prompts get you out of your normal scrapping theme routine and scrapping things you might never have....I think our stories are so important to document even the smallest of details.....

Thanks girl for playing along this week! 

Please share and post a link if you play with this week's prompt too! We LOVE stories!

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  1. Here's my LO:

    I'm just such an addict......